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  • Hopeful over Hopelessness
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The rate of recidivism is astonishing. We believe that the most alarming part is that there is no program designed to get these people not only back into society but into a situation that will improve life and prevent further incarceration.

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The Alpha Project, our pilot program, is a a two year study to create a structured successful program that we can expand throughout the entire United States.

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Fresh Start’s pilot program will consist of creating local businesses that upon completion of training will allow employees to receive profit sharing for their hard work. In addition we will be promoting apprenticeship programs and other training programs.

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Break the Cycle

Our cause is devoted to reducing the recidisicm rate of people who have been incarcerated. By taking the time to properly train and place these individuals we will break the cycle and not only give a person a better life but rebuild families and communities.

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