Mission Statement

Fresh Start Foundation of America was created to address a systemic flaw in our justice system: the fact that incarceration is only the beginning of the punishment. People that have been released from prison face multiple disadvantages when trying to reintegrate into society, which has the undesirable effect of contributing to recidivism in otherwise rehabilitated offenders. They often have difficulty establishing income, providing for housing, and trying to regain status within their families, which only increases the chances of resorting to illegal activity.

Fresh Start Foundation believes that everyone that has paid their debt to society should have a fair chance at reentering and contributing to society. To that end, in partnership with businesses and organizations,  facilitate career training for those enrolled in our program, as well as testing to determine what kinds of careers they are best suited for. Our screening and testing process aims to find those best able to take advantage of these tools, and make sure that they have the fair chance to provide for themselves and families.

Fresh Start is not a benefits program. It encourages its members to make their own way, with their own work that they can take pride in. We believe that this final step is necessary to keep criminal recidivism down, and ultimately contribute a source of trained, motivated workers in all career paths.


Fresh Start

Foundation of America
a 501C Corporation
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