Fresh Start’s Participation Program

Fresh Start has taken a positive, innovative new step designed to decrease recidivism, improve moral, increase the percentage of success of our program partners, and ultimately become self sufficient after our pilot program has the opportunity to establish itself.

Our new approach is this.  We will develop and provide the training from A to Z  in our business models. We will become business partners with those in our program.  We offer on the job training as an employee. A participant, upon completion of training, will have an opportunity to share in profits. And with continued success the opportunity to move into different management positions and possibly partner positions.

These different business models will be identified and community stores.  We want to partner with the communities to show that given a chance our partners can be productive participants in their communities.


Unique Apprenticeship Programs

We will be offering apprenticeship programs in both our own Participation Program and with our partner companies. This is not just for the trades, we are talking about creating actual apprenticeship programs for all walks of life from accounting to zookeeper and everything in between. No longer will a talented artist be trapped in some dead end job, they will be given a chance to use that talent in graphic design or some other art related field. With over 4 million unfilled jobs currently in the US most unfilled due to skills mismatches, the possibilities are endless. Fresh Start solves multiple problems at once, getting more people employed, getting businesses staffed properly and creating a better economic climate.


Job Placement and Online Classes

Or course not everyone will need all of our services. If a person coming out already has real world job skills and experience then we can find a position for them utilizing those skills. By the same token people wanting to take classes and increase their education can work with our online schooling program to earn those degrees. With these programs we do not abandon someone just because they are a little ahead of the game.




Fresh Start

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