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Derek L

A recent success story. Derek arrived in Champaign as a visitor and now he is a resident. After some very bad luck this auto mechanic was left without a home, a job, or many prospects. Fresh Start used our network to find him employment within 48 hours as an auto mechanic. His tools had been stolen, a requirement for a mechanic so we also secured him with the tools for his trade. Now it was time to find him housing, while this took a little longer to secure we found him a very nice apartment that was in his in his price range within 3 weeks.

I don’t know what I would have done without Fresh Start. I would have ended up working at an oil joint or something for far less money and I can’t even guess what I would have done for a place to live, Fresh Start changed my life, instead of months of trying to get my life together I am self sufficient after just 3 weeks – Derek

Fresh Start is committed to helping people by getting them the tools, in this case quite literally, to succeed and stand on their own.


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